Outlook Notifications Not Working - Why?

Outlook notifications are important for anyone who operates an outlook account for personal and professional purposes.

Further, Outlook notifications not working are not limited to android phones or iPhone users but are associated with windows 10 users as well.

For an android phone or iPhone, you might have DND notifications or have an internet connection issue. On the contrary, for Windows 10, you might have deactivated notification alerts. 

How to Enable Outlook Notification Again? 

The solutions for enabling or receiving outlook notification is different for Android/iPhones and Windows 10.

Outlook Notifications Solutions for Android and iPhone

1. Restart Your Android/iPhone:

More often, restarting your device resolves the issue. Whether related to the network or any application, it sorts out everything in one go.

2. Update Your Device and Outlook App:

Unaware of the fact that either your device or outlook app requires an update. The old version may or may not comply hence, keep your device and apps updated.

3. Enable Background App Refresh:

Multiple apps collectively run in the background and hinder outlook notifications to appear.
Therefore, make sure you enable background app refresh so you can receive notifications for all apps.

4. Clean and Clear All Cache:

When such issues appear, clear the cache memories. It will not delete your device data and will clear all junk files that occupy your processor’s memory.

5. Check Notification Settings & DND Mode(Very Important):

Do a quick check on your device and Outlook App notification settings. Also, check if you have enabled DND mode for the app.

Because if the notifications are not allowed, nothing above will work.


Outlook Notifications Solutions for Windows 10

1. To Activate Outlook Notification Alert:

For any app or software, you are missing notification, enabling the notification for apps and services.
  • Click on Start and search Settings>>System.
  • On the left side, click on Notifications and Actions.
  • Turn on the toggle “Get Notifications from apps and other services”.
  • Scroll down to Outlook and enter.
  • Outlook Settings: turn on all notification-related settings.

2. Configure a display Alert:

MS Outlook configuration is also another cause that notification does not appear.
Hence, launch outlook>>Files>>Options>>Mail>>Under Message arrival section>>enable all the options(Play sound and Display a Desktop Alert)>>OK.

3. Turn off the Focus Assist:

Focus Assist is an in-built feature of Windows 10. If it is enabled, you may not receive notification for MS Outlook.
Go to Settings>>System>>FocusAssist>>Off (except Priority Only and Alarm Only).

4. Turn Off Battery Saver:

Battery saver helps in turning down the background apps however, it can hinder MS outlook notifications.
To Disable: Settings>>System Settings>>Battery>>toggle to switch off.

5. Update Your MS Office:

If none of the above works out, update your MS Office. Also, set it to update automatically for future updates.

Please share which step resolved the Outlook notifications not working issue for you. Also, if you have any suggestions you are most welcome. Our team also offers online and offline technical services. Reach out to us anytime 24*7.


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