How to Fix Hotmail Not Syncing Issue in Windows, iPhone, and Android?

Hotmail comes jampacked with a number of useful functionalities. That’s why it’s so popular among people. But when connecting its email account with a system, people usually encounter many different problems. The most prevalent is Hotmail not syncing. It can happen because of various reasons on different platforms. In Windows OS, it happens because of incorrect Outlook email client settings. In Android devices, the problem can arise due to improper app installation. In iOS devices, you can experience this issue because of the incorrect sync time setting of the app. In this article, you'll get to know how you can troubleshoot this error.


What are the Methods to Solve Hotmail Not Syncing Problem?

The correct method for resolving this error will depend on the device you are using. Fixes for different platforms are mentioned below.


For Windows System

If you use Windows and find this issue, you need to repair Microsoft’s email client, i.e., Outlook. Go through these instructions for it.
  • Open Outlook and click on the ‘File’ tab. From there, tap on the option of ‘Account Settings.’
  • In the ‘Account Settings, choose the Hotmail email account that isn’t syncing. Now press ‘Repair.’
  • When the box of ‘Repair Account’ comes onscreen, press the ‘Next button.
  • Outlook will begin the repair process of the email.
  • Log in to the server and check the email account settings.
  • After completion of the repair process, press the option of ‘Change Account’ for checking settings.
  • Now press ‘Next.’
  • Outlook will start testing account settings. If they are working properly, then you will see a confirmation message.
  • Tap ‘Close’ on this message and then press ‘Finish.’
  • Restart Outlook.


For Android Device

If you face a Hotmail Not Syncing problem in your Android OS device, you should start resetting your email app. Follow these pointers.
  • Tap the option of ‘Setting’ and open the window. Now click ‘Apps.’
  • Click on the section of ‘All apps.’ Locate the ‘Email’ and ‘Email Widget App.’
  • Open them by tapping them. After that, tap on Force Stop.
  • Reset incorrect data settings by hitting the ‘Clear Caches’ option.
  • Exit every window and begin resyncing the Hotmail account.


For iOS Device

If the syncing issue occurs in your iPhone, then you need to modify the mail days. This is the method to do it.
  • Open ‘Setting’ on your iOS device. Now choose ‘Passwords & Accounts.’
  • Click the Hotmail account option to open its window.
  • Next, hit the ‘Mail Days to Sync.’
  • Choose the ‘No Limit.’ Then, click ‘Back.’
  • Your issue should get resolved after it.

Final Words

The troubleshooting for different devices is not difficult for any user to implement successfully. Use the one according to your device and eliminate the issue of Hotmail Not Syncing quickly. If the issue remains, you can avail expert technical assistance.



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